Wednesday, June 6, 2012


thumbs up for the picture during anatomy class! hahaha...


There’s no a day that I can live without you,
There’s no a time that I’m not thinking about you,
Even If i had given the chance to live without you,
I will Say NO.
NO! I wouldn’t do that.
Because without you I’m nothing,
Without you I’m weak,
Without you my days will be full of tears,
And even to smile, can be the hardest thing to me,

In any conditions,
especially during your up and down,
I will always choose to stay by your side,
To cheer you up when you’re sad,
To bring back your smile,
To give you the strength,
To make you feel like you’re everything,
Yes, you’re everything to me,
Starting from this day,
And will be forever,
Until the day I die,
I will always love you.

It’s not like that I want to be the only girl in your life,
But I just want to be the only one that matters after your mum.

I loved you yesterday,
I love you today,
I will love you tomorrow,
I always have,
And I will always love you forever,

Will you stay with me forever?

p/s : LOL XD, i don't know why i'm writing this. seriously. (=_=)' the way, hi guys! sorry for the late update. see yaa!

p/s2 : this entry belongs to nobody.. :)
Salam SERIBU kali sayang ~ JAJA


amalin said...

Doctor jiwang overdose dah ni ! :)

Misz Jenny said...

@amalin :

sekali sekala..hahahaha

mumia said...


jiwang ye lening,,