Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear women, Happy Women's Day!

As salam..

8 march, the universal day for the celebration of the Women's Day.... :)
but remember, do not just appreciate ourselves on this day, but appreciate ourselves everyday.

And suddenly i remember the quote,
the one that shows how important the women are

Behind the successful man, there's a woman

but i'm thinking of if we use like this,

Behind every unsuccessful man there's also a woman...can right??? erkkk.. =_=

hahahahahahahahahahahaha......sudahlah, gelak banyak-banyak nanti gelap hati pulak.
*bertenang, tarik nafas...

and on this special day..i got the 1st flower, the very 1st flower in my entire life..

Pemberian seorang sahabat sangat bermakna...

The rose is red, 
The sky is blue, 
This gift i've never expect, 
But..Thanks very much to you..


Salam SERIBU kali sayang ~ JAJA


krolrijal said...

untunglah sape dr K tu..:P

Misz Jenny said...

@krolrijal :

betul doh tu..
dah jadi macam datuk K dengan siti pulak..


Ezzamh said...

Untung ade org dapat bunga.. tanam kat tepi ar tu.. :)

Misz Jenny said...

@ezzamh :

eh camne tau tanam kat tepi?

Ezzamh said...

Agak je..huhu
betol ke? tanam tepi umah? :)

Misz Jenny said...

rendam je akar dlm air..
nak tanam macam mane, duduk tingkat 13 ni haa..