Monday, March 12, 2012


As salam

I dont know which story i had watched..

But in the story simply said that, when we saw our watch and it showed 11.11 am/pm, that meant somebody remembered you at the same time..

Maybe true maybe not..
But  может быть..

P/s: sehari dua ni asyik tertengok jam pkul 11.11 je, somebody miss me? :-P

Notakaki:bkn percaya betul2, krg tersyirik pulak, tp just for fun, peacee
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krolrijal said...

может быть la..hehe..:)

Fakrullah Embong said...

lpas nie nk tngok 11.11 jgk la,,,,, hehehhe

Misz Jenny said...

baikkk, dah betulkan..
terima kasih

Misz Jenny said...

@fakrul :

suneooo! :p